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‘The Pursuit’ Blog

We can chase many things—vocations, professions, and occupations. But only one pursuit matters… Do you know what it is?

My goal is to pursue the right things. I want to choose that which gives me the greatest chance of fulfillment, success, and more. More opportunity, more of the good that life and the Creator of it has to offer. Including helping those whose lives that I touch around me; my family, my colleagues, my employees, and even strangers. I also want to help you find the “more” that all of us yearn for…

If you want discover more for your life, I invite you to join me on The Pursuit!

Strength in Solitude

You’ve heard of strength in numbers, but what if I told you that the ability to get alone could be your greatest superpower?

A True Businessman

What can we learn about how a true businessman should function from the origins of the word itself? David unpacks this question in this week’s post.